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We are proud to announce Quintechs' sister company, Kulish Design Co., LLC  which exclusively focuses on the design and creation of concrete countertops, furniture and art.

Quintechs, LLC has been doing, and will continue doing concrete overlays and decorative resurfacing as well as restoration.

Many years ago, Bill Kulish installed a brick driveway and an Asian

water garden with 15-ton boulders at his home. The word-of-

mouth buzz that this project created brought so many customers

that Kulish formed a company, Quintechs. At the same time, he

 started studying, learning, and training in advanced techniques associated

 with the design and construction of concrete artisanal creations,

 culminating in the creation of  Kulish Design Co.


Please click on the Kulish Design Co. logo below to visit its website.


Kulish Design Co focusing on Concrete Countertops



Indoor Images


Outdoor Images




Quintechs is now focusing on hardscaping/landscaping design, construction and installation. It also specializes in the design and installation pavers, slate and indoor and outdoor water features. For many years, we have designed and installed, to name a few, meditation gardens, Asian water gardens, indoor babbling streams, and koi ponds that compliment its surroundings. 

We continue to look forward to working with you on hardscaping/landscaping and water feature projects.









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 Create beauty with decorative concrete applications for vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

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We can restore/resurface your existing countertops, tiled or hardwood floors, interior surfaces, concrete driveway, patio, garage floor, basement floor without bringing in heavy equipment.  In fact in most cases you can be using your resurfaced areas in as little three days from when we begin. Here are a few pictures of one of many processes we use along with a sample of one of our coloring techniques.

Pictures of custom concrete resurfacing, restoration, preservation, art and design company

 Transform drywall into aged Italian brick, old wood floors into large modern tiles.