Eight hours earlier this was a damaged plaster wall

This and the following picture show a brick wall created in two days from start to finish. The goal was to create a new brick wall that looked as if it was 150 years old. Of course we could have made it perfect as if it was created yesterday but we wanted an aged look as to compliment the existing structure.

Previously a warped plaster wall

This wall originally had a chimney was had to be removed. It had extreme water damage after 150 years of life. We first replaced any damged wall studs then covered it with 1/2" of our product, colored it and then sealed it.

Design over an existing wood floor

This is an example of our ability to cover up your damaged wood flooring. We created this in two days. What you can not see is the 150 year old damaged wood floor which could not be refinished. What you can see is 16" x 16" tiles which are actually part of a single membrane of 1/4" of our polymere modified cement...so it will last forever.

Bathroom ala concrete

Problem: The owner had a 150 year old damaged cast iron tub and plaster walls that were beyond repair. Solution: Recoat and reshape every surface in the bathroom including said tub. We also installed a stain glass window into a wall running from the floor to ceiling which eliminated the need for a shower curtain. There are no grout lines to clean.


Tub transformed

Here is the finished tub. The process was interesting. We first had to sand the defective tub. We then began to reshape it with first pressure treated lumber and then our poly-modified cement. We could do this by hand so we were not limited as to it's shape. As a finish coat for the tub itself we decided to use porcilin to make it plesant to the touch. Yes it is comfortable.

Decorative concrete can be fun

An additional benifit of this design is the sound dampening properties.

Art you can walk or drive on

We can create the design of your dreams in any size, any colors or shape. Here is an example of the unlimited designs Quintechs can create for you.

Philadelphia Eagles Custom Stencil

This is just one example of the freedom we have with creating your vision.

Unlimited vision

Samples of patterns for inside or out.

Artistic as well as functional

The patterns are unlimited. if you can imagine it we can create it. here are just a few samples. Yes you could drive a car on these.

Old World look that benifits from new age technology

Looking for a warmer look for your study?

Stencils, custom colors and designs

Let us create a "one-of-a-kind" design for the "one-of-a-kind" personality of your home or business.

Outdoor...no problem

This is an example of a random cut flagstone pattern. As with all of our designs, we can custom color our product to compliment your existing areas.

Traditional Tile look with benifits

Imagine this pattern in any size. Because we are covering your space from "scatch"... any size tile is possible. Traditional tiles become very expensive as they get larger due to increased cost to produce not to mention the handling issues and such. With Quintechs the larger the tile the less you pay.

Before Coloring

The colors are unlimited. In this example white was chosen as the base material. what color would you like?

Ongoing Training

We are always increasing our knowledge. Scott Brumbaugh, VP of operations, can be seen in the center of the picture.

Always training

We take classes to increase our knowledge because learning is the foundation to everything.