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It's not easy being green. green

Today many companies state that they are green.   Although one's product may be "green", delivering it, removing existing material and/or disposing of it may not be environmentally friendly.

 The beauty of our concrete processes is that we:

1)  Do not use concrete delivery trucks that burn large amounts of fossil fuel.

2)  Do not need large trucks to remove any existing concrete structures. 

3)  Eliminate the need to dispose of any existing concrete  in a landfill, since we are essentially recycling and renewing your existing structure.  This also decreases the pollution caused by demolition.

4)  Use products, including sealers for both indoors and outdoors, that are VOC safe , and mix everything onsite with water.  

5)  Use products that are environmentally friendly, such that residue left on site are highly diluted with water so that they can be safely returned to the earth from where they originated

6)  Use very energy friendly equipment.


We will be happy to provide you any specification sheets on the products we use upon your request.

Contact Us if you would like us to email, fax or mail you any technical specifications or if you have any questions.


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