Hand carving grout detail

Here Scott Brumbaugh is brushing out the recently hand-cut grout lines we create to make each rock's shape one at a time. In the bottom of the picture you can see what it looks like before we begin cutting and shaping.

Side veiw of the same process

Our product is very white so we tint it, depending on the finished color, so that the coloring runs all the way through as with natural rock and stone.

After cutting all the grout lines...

We need to begin adding the many different shades, tints and variations that is found in nature. The light blue you see will be muted down and turn deep when we next apply the two coats of UV and Salt safe sealer.

Entrance View of same...

At this stage we have tweaked the colors in preparation of sealing it in the step to follow.

Each Rock is a painting

Many companies simply spay down a few colors and walk away. At Quintechs we treat each and every stone as a separate work of art as if we were creating a series of paintings to be hung on a wall in your home. The end result is balance between form and function. The rock you see here actually consist of 13 different colors.

The Quintechs van

We have several vehicles for different applications. You may see us in a van, truck, Box truck... we never know until we see the project as to what we will need to bring.