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   A custom concrete resurfacing, restoration, preservation, art and design company




Think of your existing surface

as an artist would a canvas. 

The picture to the right is an example of

balancing form with function.


We specialize in:

Concrete restoration, preservation, art and resurfacing

Concrete countertops

Integral or separate sinks and vessels

Seamless basement, entryway, bathroom and mudroom floors

Kitchen floors


Basement floors and walls

Solar collecting floors, green house floors

Custom Designed Concrete Art

Pet areas

Just about any horizontal or vertical surface 

The art of restoration taken to the next level

Licensed and Insured



Concrete has the remarkable ability to be shaped, colored and textured in just about any fashion. Each and every project is a "one-of-a-kind" work of art that will outlast just about any other material.  This allows us to incorporate  features such as built-in drain boards, trivets, soap dishes  and future homes for faucets and dispensers. Why not integrate a fruit bowl into your new countertop?  How about a detail such as a penny or perhaps a shell... the possibilities are endless. Our process is by its very nature "green" and easy to clean and maintain.  Quintechs, LLC has relationships with different manufacturers to enable us to match the best material to your project.

Our goal is to create a work of art that reflects your personal taste.

Traditional tile floors have grout lines that attract and trap debris and dirt. The floor we create for you will be seamless and therefore have only the appearance of grout --in fact, it is the same  material as the surrounding tiles.  This allows us to make any size tile you want.  We  then custom color it and seal it with a material that is used on the exterior of  airplanes, so you know it is designed for protecting what is underneath.





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