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Increase your Net Operating Income!

     Wouldn't you like to be under budget this year?  With our process, we will resurface and renew that concrete you were thinking about replacing. Without the liability, hassle and mess of removing the existing walkways or driveways, they can be resurfaced and made to look as good as new.

Curb Appeal

    As a real estate professional, you are aware of the importance of curb-appeal.  Whether your company is renting a commercial or residential property, improved curb-appeal will maximize your gross operating income.  By reducing the replacement cost of your budgeted concrete project, and increasing your gross operating income, Quintechs will dramatically increase your net operating income.

    You could economically change the entire image of any property with the look of brick and stone look without sacrificing longevity or durability.  

    We understand your goals.  Quintechs, LLC will reduce expenses, increase your N.O.I and improve the relationship with both your tenants and clients.  Imagine submitting your expense report to your client or superior and coming under budget.  Your value as a property manager will increase.

   Call us and we will be glad to provide a free estimate.  Because we understand property management, we will inspect and evaluate the current condition of your concrete.

   Call me on my cell 609.703.2020 for the fastest response.


William T. Kulish


Quintechs, LLC


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