Matching of existing stone on property

Three days prior to this picture being taken this was a standard sidewalk. The owners came to us and asked what we could do. They had made some small retaing walls for their plant areas out of flagstone so we used them as samples as to match the coloring you see in this picture. This is an example of our PA Blue Flagstone texture with burgandy accents and a sandstone gout color.

Here is the same project as seen from the driveway

Our goal was to create the look of natural stone so we did not want to make the edges too sharp. Before we put the colors down we painted a small area of the existing ones used by the homeowners. Once we saw no changes when we applied our color to that of mother nature we knew we had it right.

Matching and creating colors of nature

Coloring is one of the hardest parts of what we do. With this project we used several stains, dyes, sealers, applicators and techniques. A base of Sandstone and Limestone was first applied followed by four different shades of brick. Then we splatter little drops of Charcol colored droplets as well as slate tones. After this we blended sevearl of the colors together with a rag and our hands. Finally we misted it again with the first color as to balance the hand-cut grout lines. Our medium reacts to both our material based on thickness what color was mixed in the foundation so it reacts differently everytime yeilding an extremeily realistic stone finish both in color and texture.

Each and every stone/rock is different

In nature no two stones/rocks are ever the same. As with snowflakes we never duplicate while creating. Each item is hand taylored both in texture and color so not only will your finished surface be a "one-of-a kind" but so will each and every part of it as well.